Insurance Options for Hail Damage

Buckeye offers a flexible insurance solution for hail-related damage.

Twenty years ago, a widespread line of thunderstorms rolled across large swaths of Iowa, leaving thousands of vehicles damaged or destroyed with baseball size hail. In 2010, a Mississippi auto auction got nailed with a massive hailstorm that forced the owners to hold a huge salvage sale.

Hail is a weather event that strikes fear into car dealer hearts. You can hide from the wind and run from the water, but hail leaves a mark — lots of them.

Hail damage can mean anything from a few paintless dent repairs to catastrophic losses leaving buildings destroyed and entire lots of inventory totaled. It accounts for $10 billion in losses annually and has driven up the cost of lot coverage premiums by 300-500 percent in the past two to three years.

For those dealers who face the threat of hail related events, Buckeye offers a very flexible hail insurance solution to ease your concerns. Buckeye’s solution removes the lengthy adjusting process, assures a timely payment within 7-10 business days, and gives the dealer control of the process.

Our Solution

  • Dealer selects payout limit and hail size options based on the dealership’s unique location and circumstances and the dealer’s knowledge and experience of how weather can damage their inventory and property.
  • Claim payment made directly to the Dealer or Lender.
  • Coverage provided by an A-Rated Carrier.

Our insurance coverage works with your current insurance program, and claim payments can be used for any economic damage associated with:

  • Deductible Reimbursement
  • Damage to Vehicles/Buildings/etc.
  • Loss of Revenue
    • Additional Advertising

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