A Look Back and A Look Ahead Wishing You A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2024!

A Happy New Year Toast from Rob Fox!
New Year’s Day is traditionally a time when we take stock of the previous year, reflect on the many blessings we have been fortunate enough to have been given, and assess necessary changes to improve both our personal and professional lives. When I look back on 2023, I am grateful to so many who lead to the successes the Buckeye Dealership Consulting businesses experienced this past year. I know we are nothing without our clients, staff, and business partners! And, what a 2023 it was! As always, our primarily goal was, is, and will always be to help our clients achieve their goals and achieve their successes. With that as our ultimate objective, some of our 2023 highlights included:

  1. A continued emphasis on innovation with the addition of new products our clients need to take their businesses to the next level
  2. Continued growth of Buckeye’s business interests with the addition of some of the brightest minds and hardest working individuals in the in our industry
  3. Being able to give back to the industry as evidenced by another record turnout at the BHPH United Summit

Because our success is measured by our clients’ successes, I expect our 2024 highlights to be much of the same. We will continue listening to our clients as they tell us the challenges they face and what needs they have. Armed with that knowledge, we will continue to lead the industry on product development and adaptation including introducing products in the property and casualty space. Innovation and adaption almost always lead to growth, including through acquisition, and Buckeye will seize on opportunities presented that will move our client’s needs forward. And, to continually provide best-in-class service to our clients, we will not shy away from adding talented, industry thought leaders to the Buckeye staff. Although we may have some challenges to face in 2024, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come, and I and the Buckeye team look forward to making the journey together. Happy New Year! May it be filled with the best of times!

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