what is reinsurance?

Reinsurance puts your dealership in the driver’s seat to a better, more profitable business. It gives you the ability to do what is best for your customers, and provide a world-class service while having greater control over the financial aspects.

With dealer reinsurance, you retain premium reserves in an account you own. This gives you greater latitude on how claims are handled, resulting in better efficiency and more satisfied customers. Underwriting profitability and return on investment increase substantially on the Finance and Insurance (F&I) products sold, as well as grow your investment income potential in a tax efficient manner.

Understanding Different Kinds of Reinsurance

The two basic methods of reinsurance are facultative and treaty. Facultative reinsurance generally targets a specific risk factor while treaty reinsurance tends to cover all or a portion of an insurer’s risks and is effective for a certain time period. In the automotive industry, treaty reinsurance is most prominent.

Buckeye works with hundreds of dealers and reinsurance companies across the country to help everyone understand the nuances and details of reinsurance and how it could help their business. We have the experience to tailor a program to fit your specific needs.

What Buckeye Dealership Consulting Offers

For more specific information about our products, you can visit our Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers and Retail Dealers pages, but just for a broad overview on how we operate, we offer reinsurance and F&I products to both of these kinds of dealers. 

We’re focused on helping you help your customers and keeping your financials protected in the process. Whether you’re a BHPH or retail dealer, we are committed to an optimal process that lets you control your money and make your dealership stand out from the rest. 

We love our clients at Buckeye Dealership Consulting, and our nationwide network is looking to continue growing. You can contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you in the Buckeye family!

dealership reinsurance works for:

Limited Warranties

Mechanical breakdown coverage included with the sale of your vehicles as a way to add value and increase consumer confidence.



Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Physical damage coverage for your autos in your portfolio. Coverage includes comp & collision for all drivers for total losses and repairable losses.  CPI costs may be passed on to the customer.



Credit Life / Disability

Coverage for a customer’s auto loan payments in the event unforeseen events occur.



VEHICLE Service Contract (VSC)

Optional mechanical breakdown coverage offered at time of sale including roadside assistance, towing and rental car reimbursement.



Vendor Single Interest Insurance (VSI)

Coverage purchased by a lender to protect against certain losses due to repossession such as skip tracing, towing, storage, and physical damage.



Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP)

In the event of a total loss, GAP pays the deficiency balance on a car loan after the primary insurance settlement has been applied. 



Debt Cancellation Contract (DCC)

Coverage for a customer’s auto loan payments in the event unforeseen events occur.



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