Limited Warranty

Purchasing a vehicle and worrying about its reliability can be an uneasy feeling. Your customers should enjoy their vehicle, not dwell on how to pay for repairs. One way to deliver peace of mind should something ever go wrong is with a limited warranty. 

This safety blanket ensures that if any covered part breaks down during the time of the contract, the warranty will pay for the repair and replacement of the affected component. The buyer simply pays a small deductible and they’re back on the road in no time. Some more benefits include:

  • Customers have more confidence in your vehicles
  • Reserve for future repairs you’ll inevitably incur
  • Use your included warranty as a marketing tool
  • Reinsurance allows you to earn the underwriting profits

If you have any questions about how our warranty can help your customers in particular, feel free to contact us at Buckeye Dealership Consulting.

Why Buckeye Dealership Consulting

Founded in 2008, Buckeye Dealership Consulting has proudly served hundreds of dealers and reinsurance companies in the automotive space, including Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), retail and independent finance companies all across the country.

We’re built on knowledge and experience in the F&I reinsurance market for franchise dealers, and have focused on independent dealers and tailored our program to fit the business model. Through these programs, we are helping dealers control their risk, improve cash flow, and increase the bottom line.

If you are a retail dealer, you know the back-end profit has become more important than ever. For BHPH dealers, in your business, cash is king. We have optimized our reinsurance structure to maintain access to your capital and maximize cash flow.

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