Buckeye Dealership Consulting Announces Dealership Performance Groups

Buckeye Dealership Consulting is pleased to announce a new service for its independent automobile dealer clients — Dealership Performance Groups.

These dealership performance groups will help owners and their managers to enhance all facets of their sales, service, and business operations with the ultimate goal of improving net profit.

CEO Rob Fox said dealers will share their key performance indicators with other group members in a non-competitive setting.

“Overtime the performance groups will generate operational benchmarks,” Fox said, “and then challenge members to meet or exceed them. Again, the overarching goal here is to give dealers the tools and market intelligence to help them make or save money that goes directly to their bottom lines.”

Performance group members will choose when, where, and how often they will meet, and meetings will be facilitated by Buckeye’s team of professionals.

You’ll hear more from Rob about this exciting development in the next several weeks.

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