Buckeye Dealership Consulting Announces Alliance with Independent Auto Dealer Services Group, LLC

BOARDMAN, Ohio (June 18, 2021) – Buckeye Dealership Consulting (Buckeye), a national provider of re-insurable finance and insurance products for buy here, pay here and retail dealerships, has teamed with Auto Dealer Services Group LLC (ADSG), a division of Peachtree Planning Corporation, one of the nation’s largest financial planning firms.

ADSG is a full-service firm with a team that specializes in working with independent dealers on reinsurance investment strategies and succession planning in a tax advantageous manner.

This arrangement will provide Buckeye’s customers with greater opportunity to invest and control the revenue in their reinsurance companies and better manage their financial resources now and plan for retirement and future business succession.

“By creating their own reinsurance company, dealers can share in the underwriting products for F&I products they offer in the dealership including how funds in the reinsurance company will be invested,” said Rob Fox, CEO of Buckeye. “Teaming with ADSG was natural opportunity to connect our dealers with a source to further help them accomplish their long-term planning goals.”

ADSG has an unparalleled track record of helping independent auto dealers find financially beneficial places to hold these types of accounts.

“We help owners with both personal and business planning to increase cashflow, reduce taxes and transition their businesses to the next generation in a tax efficient way,” said Mark Burkholder, President of ADSG. “Although we are not under the same roof as Buckeye, we’re of one mind when it comes to assisting with and protecting the financial health and well-being of our clients.”

Shaun Petersen, Buckeye executive vice president and chief legal officer, said in helping to put the venture together, he saw that everyone immediately recognized the numerous benefits to independent dealers of all stripes.

“Combined,” Petersen said, “the services Buckeye and ADSG provide will give dealers comprehensive resources to build their business and protect it for their families now, through retirement and beyond.”

About Buckeye Dealership Consulting

Buckeye Dealership Consulting has proudly served hundreds of dealers and -reinsurance companies in the automotive space, including Buy Here-Pay Here, retail, and independent finance companies all across the country. Buckeye can help tailor a customized reinsurance program to help dealers control risk, improve cashflow, and increase the bottom line. To learn more, Call (330) 726-9030.

About Auto Dealer Services Group

Under Peachtree Planning umbrella, Auto Dealer Services Group has helped independent dealers strike a harmonious balance between their business and personal planning needs. Business owners can have the opportunity to dictate their own financial success in a way that few others do.

Contact:  Shaun Petersen, 330.726.9030 or Mark Burkholder, 205.965.3437